Para VS Por

“para” and “por” can be confusing because both can be translated as “to” in English, so here are the list of usages of “para” and “por”


  1. To express purpose

Para pasar la clase, estoy estudiando mucho. In order to pass the class, I am studying a lot.

  1. To express destination

Este avión sale para Bogotá, Colombia. This airplane goes to Bogota, Colombia.

  1. To express deadlines

Vosotros tenéis que hacer tarea para el lunes. You guys need to do the homework by Monday.

  1. To express one’s opinion

Para mí, lo importante es jugar fútbol. For me, playing football is very important.


  1. To express process

Viajaré por Los Ángeles para Argentina. I will travel to Argentine through Los Angeles.

  1. To express duration

Ella estuvo en Europa por 2 meses este verano. She was staying in Europe for 2 months this summer.

  1. To express object of an action

Fuimos por la comida. We went for the food.

  1. To express reason

Por ti, él fue a Europa. Because of you, he went to Europe.

  1. To express means

Recibí fotos por correo electrónico. I received pictures by email.

Some expressions with “por”.

Por eso that’s why

Por Dios for God’s sake

Por ejemplo for example

Por favor please

Por supuesto of course

Por fin finally

Por ahora for now            etc…