Irregular verbs in Present in Spanish

January 3, 2017

There are only 3 genuine irregular present verbs in Spanish, and here are those. These verbs are very common, and people use them daily, so please remember those important verbs!

Ser to beSingularPlural
1st PersonSoy I amSomos We are
2nd PersonEres You areSois You are
3rd PersonEs He/She/It isSon They are


Ir to goSingularPlural
1st PersonVoy I goVamos We go
2nd PersonVas You goVais You go
3rd PersonVa He/She/It goesVan They go


Estar to beSingularPlural
1st PersonEstoy I amEstamos We are
2nd PersonEstás You areEstáis You are
3rd PersonEstá He/She/It isEstán They are


There are some verbs that are only irregular in 1st person (yo form).

saber (to know) yo

conocer (to know)  yo conozco

conducir (to drive) yo conduzco

decir (to say)  yo digo

hacer (to do)  yo hago

tener (to have)  yo tengo

dar (to give)  yo doy

*ver (to see)  yo veo, vosotros veis

salir (to leave) yo salgo                           etc…

*ver is also irregular in 2nd person plural (vosotros form)