Verbs like “Gustar”

January 2, 2017


When you want to express “like” in Spanish, you have to say “it is pleasing to me”, and you have to use indirect object pronouns.

Gustar to be pleasing to

Gustar to be pleasing toSingularPlural
1st PersonMe gusta(n) I likeNos gusta(n) We like
2nd PersonTe gusta(n) You likeOs gusta(n) You like
3rd PersonLe gusta(n) He/she/you likesLes gusta(n) They like


Gustar to be pleasing toSingularPlural
1st PersonGusto I am pleasing toGustamos we are pleasing to
2nd PersonGustas You are pleasing toGustáis You are pleasing to
3rd PersonGusta he/she/you/it is pleasing toGustan They are pleasing to


  • (A mí) Me gusta el queso. (gusta since el queso is singular.)

Cheese is pleasing to me. (=I like cheese)

  • (A mí) No me gustan las matemáticas. (gustan since las matemáticas are plural.)

Mathematics are not pleasing to me. (=I don’t like mathematics.)

In 1) and 2), subject of the sentence is not “I”, but subjects are “cheese” and “mathematics” in Spanish. And “me” is just an indirect object of the verb. This is why the conjugated form of the verb “gustar” has to be the 3rd person singular in 1) with el queso(subject), and has to be the 3rd person plural in 2) with las matemáticas (subjects).

Here is a list of the verbs that have the same function as gustar.

Interesar to be interesting to

Quedar to be left

Fascinar to be fascinating to

Aburrir to be bored

Importar to be important to

Molestar to be annoyed

Parecer to look like

Faltar to miss

Encantar to love