Expressions with Tener

January 2, 2017

Tener is a very useful verb, and it has a lot more meanings than just to have, these expressions are used very often.

Tener SingularPlural
1st Persontengotenemos
2nd Persontienestenéis
3rd Persontienetienen


Tener __ años to be __ years old.

Physical condition:

Tener frío to be cold

Tener calor to be hot


Tener hambre to be hungry

Tener sed to be thirsty

Tener ganas de to feel like

Tener sueño to be sleepy


Tener miedo de to be afraid of

Tener prisa to be in hurry

Tener celos to be jealous

Tener cuidad to be careful

Tener confianza to be confident

Tener vergüenza to be ashamed


Tener razón to be right

Tener suerte to be lucky